Is It Easier For Students To Learn During Lunchtime Hours?



Last week a news article stated that students tend to be more attentive and have easier to learn during lunchtime in relation to other times of the day, such as the morning. I have talked to three students at the University of Essex and asking them what they think about the above statement.

Pavlo, a 19 year old law-student that lives off campus said that he does not fully agree with the statement that it is easier for students to learn during lunchtime. He states that he “studies in the afternoon mostly, and after lunch, and in the evening too.” Further he states it might be true that our sleep cycle has an affect on how attentive students are. Thus, he does not believe that there would be a rise in higher grades if classes started later.

20-year old Ashley Mark, a occupational therapy- student from Ipswich. Just as Pavlo, she doesn’t believe that students focus better or learn more during lunchtime. She states that she prefers to “learn at home, preferably on my own, in the afternoon.” In line with Pavlo she does think that our sleep cycles affect our ability to focus and learn, stating that she only slept six hours last night, and haven’t been able to focus while trying to revise. Further she says that she thinks that people’s academic results would go up if classes started later, putting an emphasis on how important sleep is.

The 18-year old Journalism & Politics-student Claudia, a resident of the South Courts on campus does not believe that it’s true for her that she focuses better during lunchtime. She states that in the morning she can go up, take a shower and get an energy boost, and during the afternoon she is tired. Just as Ashley she stresses the importance of sleep, rather than what time of day it is. She states, when asked the question if she does believe that grades would get higher if classes started later, “Yeah I would think so, because a lot of people go to bed really late and they can’t function in their morning lectures.”

The three interviewees mostly agreed with each other, saying that they do not really focus better during lunchtime but there is an importance in sleep, and if classes started later than they do, maybe more people would get higher scores.





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